Brand Design, Brand Development, Brand Strategy & Brand Architecture Strong branding architecture that will harness economies of scale Brand Architecture, brand development and brand strategy are challenges that come with success. You can create a new product line, perhaps a new profit centre or a new service – better yet you acquire a new business[…] Read More


Business Development Consultancy

Business Development Consultancy If you’re looking for rapid growth in to new and emerging markets then a helping hand and expert advice is what you need Sometimes you can be so involved in a project or process that through no fault of your own you don’t observe potential opportunities or threats that can help or[…] Read More


Digital Marketing & SEO

Digital Marketing Strategy Development & Implementation Get More Traffic. Get More Leads. Grow Your Business So you want to drive more leads to your business through your digital channels like social media, email and of course search engines? That’s great, I have a proven digital marketing program that does just that – working successfully for my clients[…] Read More

Tim Lord Voiceover, Music Producer, Audio Recording, Audio Editing, Newquay, Cornwall

Music, Voiceovers, Audio Production & Editing

Audio Production, Editing, Music & Voiceovers The hills are alive, with the sound of music Professionally edited and produced music, jingles and voiceovers are essential for your production and to give it that “polished” feel. Having the right sound, the right mix and the right voice can make or break how the viewer perceives your[…] Read More


Video Production, Video Editing, Acting & Presenting

Video Production Services Increase engagement, build trust and provide value with high-quality video production content. Video marketing is an important part of any digital marketing strategy – it gives a face and voice to your business and provides the potential for high SEO value to your website. Over 78% of online users watch video every[…] Read More


Website Design & Website Development

Full service Website design & Website development Go beyond the basics and create a unique & functional web design experience The best website designs are more than just having an “About Us” and a “Contact” page. It’s how you communicate and express yourself to your clients and customers. It’s how you show off your products[…] Read More

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