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Additional support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In addition to my usual services, I am helping to support new startups and small local business owners pivot and diversify to get their business online. Please see this blog post for more information.

Business Mentor & Marketing Consultant, Creative Media Designer, Web Developer, Producer.

Tim Lord -Marketing, Design, Web Development, Consultant - Newquay, Cornwall

Over the last 14 years I have been helping businesses develop and implement positive change, delivering value driven solutions to my clients internationally through effective business and marketing consultancy, design, web development and media production.

I live in the village of Cubert near Newquay, Cornwall, UK but I work with a select set of clients around the world, from London to Los Angeles helping them to maximise their return on investment in digital channels through effective design, development, marketing and media.

My skills have helped business owners transform their companies from micro to small to large and enabled them to bring about successful exits or sell on’s with some running in to millions of pounds.

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I help business owners discover opportunities, utilising my diverse experience to create successful business partnerships and promote sustainability. I will help your business grow and acquire more customers.

What others say

Using Tim Lord as a consultant has been a fantastic and eye opening experience. His insight in identifying ways to improve my business and action them has been first class with dramaticly positive results.

Testimonials - Isaac Tanner Dempsey

Tim Lord has been an extremely useful person to get to know! He is an expert in all aspects of web design, marketing and lead generation and his skills have not only helped my business grow but helped me look at things in a different way and approach my business differently. The results are really showing now, what a transformation – thank you.

Testimonials - John Fenwick

Tim Lord has been super helpful as a consultant and business adviser in developing a sustainable strategy for improving my business. His knowledge has been invaluable in transforming my business in the digital world

Testimonials - Michelle Ryder

Having Tim Lord as a consultant and business ally has been the best thing I have done for my business. Not only is his understanding of digital marketing simply top notch, his recommendations and actionable ideas have put my business in to overdrive – Thank you Tim

Testimonials - Raffaele Mazzotta

Trait Media Ltd - Cornwall, London6 years ago I setup a marketing agency called TR8 Media based in Newquay, Cornwall helping SMEs, startups and brands. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength and Trait Media Ltd now have offices in London and Cornwall and have successfully assisted hundreds of businesses throughout the world in growing their business.

Whilst I personally work one on one with business owners, my team at Trait Media Ltd are able to work for your business as though they were your own.

Although we are based in the South West and London, we cover the whole of the UK and travel internationally.

Think of the team as your outsourced marketing and production department. If you are looking for a team of professionals to work on design, development, SEO, production or marketing then turn to Trait Media Ltd.

We have had great results from our website rebuilds with Trait Media which look amazing on desktops, tablets and mobiles – we have seen a large increase in traffic, our search engine results are much better and most importantly we are getting more enquiries than ever before. We highly recommend your services.

Testimonial - James Turgiss, Excellence Physiotherapy London

I am extremely impressed by the website created for me by Trait Media which is both user friendly and easy to edit myself. Tim Lord took the time to perfect the website for me personally and include a variety of functions and features. I could not have asked for a better service. Thank you!

Testimonial - Carina Tyrell - Miss England

I’ve used Trait Media for more than 4 years for numerous web design, graphic design and promotional campaigns and they have always been top notch. Tim Lord heads up a great team there and they are always knowledgeable and on the ball, going the extra mile to ensure the end result comes out first class.

Testimonial - Jimmy Petruzzi, NLP Manchester

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Tim Lord - Supporting local business owners in Cornwall during the Corona Crisis

Supporting new startups and local businesses in Cornwall during the Corona Crisis

I just wanted to put out a little post to say that in these times when everybody is struggling, ensuring their family are safe, and of course being locked down locally the great thing that I've noticed is that people are coming together, looking…

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