Audio Production, Editing,
Music & Voiceovers

Professional, high quality music production and voiceover work. Professionally edited and produced music, jingles and voiceovers are essential for your production and to give it that “polished” feel.

Having the right sound, the right mix and the right voice can make or break how the viewer perceives your business, your product or service.

With a top quality studio available and the option for you to direct the session via Skype, most jobs can be done on short notice and can be accomplished relatively quickly.

Because you deal directly with me, there are no agency fees, which mean I will follow your specific instructions and get the job done to your satisfaction 100%


Tim Lord - Marketing Consultant, Designer, Web DeveloperI got in to music as a teenager and that love and passion has been with me ever since. I have performed on the stage around the world as a solo artist and with numerous bands and I have worked in Recording Studios from London to Copenhagen. My vocal style suits soft rock / acoustic / pop but I also perform in many various styles. These days my performing and writing has taken a backseat to other priorities but I am always open to new ideas and collaborations.

I started producing my own music at an early age on a 4 track and honed my skill set accordingly as technology progressed and digital recording equipment became available.

I presented my own radio show for many years in Newquay, Cornwall and interviewed a wide range of musicians and artists from around the world such as Huey Morgan (Fun Loving Criminals), Wheatus and Lisa Mafia to name but a few.

I began recording voiceovers myself around 2011 after years of sourcing the right voices for video production projects. Rather than just reading a script as presented, I always check house styles or unusual words. If there are any copy ambiguities or errors then i always provide alternative takes during the session to save time later on. I have an enormously versatile voice and can handle almost any type of voicing style, from straight delivery through to dialects, accents, impressions and Voxpop.

What others say

Using Tim Lord as a consultant has been a fantastic and eye opening experience. His insight in identifying ways to improve my business and action them has been first class with dramatically positive results.

Tim Lord has been an extremely useful person to get to know! He is an expert in all aspects of web design, marketing and lead generation and his skills have not only helped my business grow but helped me look at things in a different way and approach my business differently. The results are really showing now, what a transformation – thank you.

Tim Lord has been super helpful as a consultant and business adviser in developing a sustainable strategy for improving my business. His knowledge has been invaluable in transforming my business in the digital world

Having Tim Lord as a consultant and business ally has been the best thing I have done for my business. Not only is his understanding of digital marketing simply top notch, his recommendations and actionable ideas have put my business in to overdrive – Thank you Tim

I have been using Tim for over 4 years and I must say he is superb, quality work with excellent service – nothing is too much trouble. Thanks Tim your a star.

Tim was extremely helpful with setting up & promoting our new website, his knowledge was invaluable.

Tim is an amazing web designer. I’ve used his services for the past 5 years and would highly recommend Tim if he has the time to take on your project

We have worked with Tim and TR8 Media for a number of years on variety of projects of varying size and scope and each time they deliver. Tim is great to work with and quickly grasps the underlying business principles that inform each of our projects. He offers great insights from his own perspective which makes for a pain-free collaboration each and every time.

Outstanding! Truly – outstanding. The highest quality, the understanding of producing a video with little direction but with such insight that we are so impressed!! We will truly hire Tim again…And again…

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