Pretty Damn Fit- Tim Lord Portfolio

Pretty Damn Fit grew out of a passion for fun, exciting and challenging fitness and training and was founded over 2 years prior by Craig Stephens.

Craig had grown the business primarily through the company Facebook Page and a lot of blood sweat and tears.

Having gained a good following and built up substantial interest in the classes, Craig had expanded the business to offer a variety of programs and events taking place at many fantastic locations throughout Cornwall from beautiful coastal running trails, assault courses on the beach to boggy bootcamps and mountainous moorland.

The bug bear of the business was the amount of time dealing with unnecessary paper work and dealing with payments going through his bank account. For each person enrolled on a course, they had to complete several forms which were done on paper and payments were being taken in cash on the day of the session / event or via Bank Transfer.

The new website enabled all payments to be taken instantly through a secure payment platform, as well as ensuring that any forms and disclaimers could be signed digitally online and reconciled to the relevant participant.

In addition to this – stock control on programs, events and courses ensured that these were never overbooked – and Craig could make sure that he had adequate spaces available or could bring in additional team members if demand was high.

The results were outstanding – on the first day of launching, the website processed over 100 payments for classes and events.

The ease of management means Craig can now spend more time running the business and less time sorting out paperwork.

Project Details

Client: Harbourmaster House
Skills: Consultation – Graphic Design – SEO Research – SEO – Website design and development – E-commerce – Booking Development- Marketing – Web Hosting