Leap Tomorrow Tim Lord

LeapTomorrow is a consultancy brand helping organisations become more effective in the way in which they identify new commercial opportunities and drive change.

CEO Sarah Bolton-Howard was looking for a creative design consultant to work with in order to develop the idea of the brand and design and develop the website and promotional video. I was approached by her after being referred by a colleague from a top tier multinational corporate.

The consultancy was done via Skype from Newquay to London and many hours went in to the research, strategy and brand development before the design stage was reached.

Research was done in to competitors such as A-Connect, Doblin, Effective brands etc

I came up with compelling designs and a developed a professional web presence that included an emotive video production with voiceover.

Project Details

Client: LeapTomorrow Ltd


Skills: Consultancy – Branding – Graphic Design – Copy Writing – Script Writing – Video Production & Editing – Voiceover – Audio Production & Editing – Website design and development – SEO