A Successful Entrepreneur – The Top Twenty Traits

Top 20 Traits Tim Lord

A successful entrepreneur has certain hits that contribute to making him or her successful. He or she should understand their target customer and the pain that they are suffering and should be prepared to provide a product or service that solves that customer’s pain problem.

Here is a list of twenty of them:

1. Focuses on solutions and not problems

2. Takes responsibility instead of blaming others.

3. Finds opportunities in crisis and refrains from complaining.

4. Enjoys being in the present and learns from the past.

5. Makes promises and keeps them no matter what.

6. Focuses on achieving rather than making excuses.

7. Listens well and does not try to talk at every chance.

8. Faces fear accepts it and takes the plunge.

9. Is action-oriented.

10. Learns from failure.

11. Knows how to plan, set goals and delegate responsibility.

12. Believes that personal development is a priority.

13. Is a life-long learner.

14. Is humble.

15. Is a hard worker.

16. Always is ready and leaves nothing to fate.

17. Is a leader and not a follower.

18. Believes in himself / herself.

19. Has passion for what he / she is involved in.

20. Always gives more than he / she takes.

Remember, it all begins with listening to the customer and using the customer’s key words and phrases to craft a marketing message that describes the solution you will bring forward to solve to the customer’s problem. Obviously there are significantly more trains that contribute to success. If you would like to add your favourites, please leave a comment.

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