Get new clients with these Top 7 Ways Of Thinking

New CLients - Tim Lord

If you are a sales person or a business owner looking to find prospects you can sell your new products or services to, your success will depend on your ability to promote yourself and what you have to offer.

People will often start in a new business venture and quit because of the stress and depreciation experienced during the process of looking for new clients.

Applying a positive approach will help you develop and sustain a mindset that will have you consistently filling your business with paying clients.

1. Realise that rejection is not something personal against you.

If someone rejects whatever you are offering, it is not YOU that they are rejecting. Instead, they’re rejecting the service or product that you are offering. The reason they believe they do not want or need it, does not matter. Just realise that it is not a personal rejection of you. Knowing this will help you approach others openly, honestly, and confidently.

2. Accept that not everyone is going to be interested.

Not everyone is going to want your products or services but some of them will. Remember that the people who are not interested right now could easily be potential customers for the future. Focus on potential opportunities for now and into the future and maintain your relationship.

3. Getting new clients is about building a RELATIONSHIP, and not about selling.

Successful selling occurs as a result of developing a relationship with a buyer. Forming a relationship with a potential buyer is a critical factor. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits that they will gain and the problems that will be resolved from a relationship with you. The more great relationships you have the more successful you will be.

4. Set goals and be results-oriented.

Results occur more easily for those who plan what their results are going to be, and by when. Set realistic, flexible daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals for how many new clients you are going to attract into your business. Then, take consistent steps to achieve your goals.

5. Be curious.

Potential clients are also human beings with cares, trials, successes, and emotions. Be curious about your prospective clients’ lives. What are their biggest challenges? What are their needs? Learn as much as you can about your client. Connect to them in a caring and compassionate way. They will feel that and respond to you in a more positive way.

6. Surround yourself with winners.

Do not spend time with negative, petty people who complain a lot. This type of person will sap your energy and drag you down. Like attractions like, and you will rise to the occasion when you surround yourself with positive people who are already accomplishing what you are setting out to accomplish. It’s also a great way to develop your skills – learning from people that are achieving!

7. … and lastly see yourself as a winner!

Now that you are spending time with winners, it is time to begin seeing yourself as an equal – a winner. Use your unique attributes and achieve great things. 

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