The importance of mindset in marketing and business

Change your mindset

I believe the importance of mindset behind any marketing campaign is crucial and it will fundamentally shape the outcome.

If you have the wrong mindset then no matter what you do you will most likely fail.

I also understand why most people who say they are in marketing get a look of disdain from others.

People have been burned too many times before by the BS that comes from the new wave of “marketing consultants”.

These are the types that harp on about the importance of posting on twitter or linked yet don’t really understand the fundamentals of marketing.

For over 10 years I worked incredibly hard building up my education, knowledge and experience in design, web development, production and digital marketing.

I was fortunate to be working for some large international companies with big budgets and big ideas! This meant implementing their marketing strategies successfully and learning an awful lot about how to tie all of these different things together. Things like landing pages, video, CMS systems and CRM systems, marketing automation and customer aquisition funnels, lead scoring and programmatic advertising.

Learning in detail how these SME’s would acquire, nurture and upsell their customers was truely eye opening – I took a look at myself from a different perspective.

How mindset effects you

Because a designer, developer, producer, SEO, SEM and so on individually does not understand the needs and desires of the customer in full.

By wearing the hat of a marketer first who just happens to provide design, web development, SEO, etc I put myself at a huge advantage.

That shift in mindset was the catalyst that enabled me to become a consultant and get paid to develop strategies for other business owners that would deliver successful results for them.

My mindset change helped me to develop further and hone my skills, consulting for companies all over the world.

Invest in yourself and you will reap the rewards for years to come.

When you invest in training your mind and acquiring new skills, your potential is limitless!

How are you training your mind to be the best you can?

What new skills are you learning that will take your business to the next levels?

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