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Strong branding architecture that will harness economies of scale


Brand Architecture, brand development and brand strategy are challenges that come with success.

You can create a new product line, perhaps a new profit centre or a new service – better yet you acquire a new business or grow a new one but with all this growth when do you take time to evaluate the logos that you have?

How and when do you take the necessary steps to get all this branding in order?

If you are spending money marketing brands that don’t reinforce one another then you are lost and you need a coherent brand architecture – otherwise your marketing efforts get overwhelmed by costs and complexities – ultimately you are not harnessing your own brand equity – making day to day business time consuming, expensive and inefficient.

Creating logos is the holy grail for any designer and a logo’s visibility is undeniable from websites and advertisements to signs and business cards – a logo is the foundation of a brand.

The best designs take planning, experience, talent and execution.

Are you ready to look awesome? Are you looking to harness your brand equity?

I’m ready to help you achieve your full potential

Let me share with you my experience in brand design, brand development, brand strategy and brand architecture to help you on your journey the right way.

Seriously – I have helped develop over 100 successful brands – some to 7 figures – I know what I am doing.

My years of experience have led to a results driven process that ensures successful and profitable outcomes for my clients.

Although I am not going to give away the tricks of the trade right here I am happy to outline my process.

I start with market research and competitive analysis, followed by a kick-off meeting and market and industry review. From there I move on to designing multiple logo ideas, logo development and multiple logo families. After an internal reviews and selection for presentation I then present these to the client and get feedback. I then edit and develop and present, making a final selection. I create all file formats necessary, create brand guideline documents and then package the final formats and brand guidelines for delivery.

A strong brand architecture will give you economies of scale for your business.

Logo Development – Logo & Brand Strategy – Corporate Style Guides – Brand Guidelines – SEO through brand & web architecture – Analysis, Research & Experience

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