Creative Business Consultant

Seeking opportunities that will use my diverse experience to create successful business partnerships and promote sustainability
Tim Lord - Freelance creative designer, producer, consultant from Newquay, Cornwall

Over the last 14 years I have gained outstanding experience, delivering value driven solutions to my clients internationally through effective marketing and business consultancy, design, development and media production.

I started off as a freelance designer / developer back when the internet was only accessed through a dial up modem and most people were lucky to have a computer with 256mb of ram! My creative interests in music and media helped me greatly and as technology progressed so did my skills, I am constantly learning new things and getting to know the latest technologies and software packages as they come about.

After graduating from Plymouth University with a degree in Law & Business, I decided that I would hone my skills in design, development, production and marketing and setup my own company called TR8 Media – 5 years later (and a lot of hard work) the company won an award for “Best digital marketing company in Cornwall”

I work with a select set of clients around the world, helping them to maximise their return on investment in digital media through effective design, development, marketing and media. My skills have helped business owners transform their companies from micro to small to large and enabled them to bring about successful exits or sell on’s with some running in to millions of pounds.

Whether behind the desk working in Photoshop or Premiere or on the stage delivering keynotes to investors – I listen to my clients, understand their requirements and then deliver first class solutions tailored to their exact business model.

Clients I’ve worked with